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Carpet Cleaning


Free from harsh chemicals and soapy residues.  Our solutions are safe for people and pets, and dries quickly. 


How we care for your carpets:

  • EDGE baseboards 

  • PRE-VACUUM extracts loose soils

  • PRE-TREAT spots and stains

  • CARBONATED SOLUTION releases soils from carpet fibers

  • AGITATION further loosens traffic area soils

  • EXTRACTION removes excess moisture and soil

  • POST-SPOT if necessary

  • PILATE or BRUSH resets carpet fibers and decreases drying times 

Upholstery Cleaning


Let us help revive and extend the life of your sofa, loveseat, chairs, draperies and mattresses.  


How we care for your upholstery:

  • TEST fabric for colorfastness and shrinkage

  • SOLUTION applied to loosen soils

  • EXTRACTION using heat, rinse and suction to produce the best results

  • DRY CLEAN options for fine fabrics 

Pet Odor & Pet Stain Removal


Your carpets CAN be odor-free and spot-free again!


Pet Treatment Options:

Topical Treatment:

  • For small stains or minor pet odor

Severe Treatment:

  • For severe pet damage and odor

  • Black light inspection

  • Complete odor removal

  • May include replacing pad and sealing subfloors


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