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Do you use soap or chemicals?  And, is it safe?


We use carbonated water, along with a safe, non-toxic carbonated cleaning solution.  It's very similar to club soda.  By using less chemicals, our process leaves virtually no residue behind.  This helps to avoid rapid resoiling and recurring spots, which often happens with other methods.   

Do you use water?  Why is it considered "dry" cleaning?


Our process uses less than one-fourth of the water of traditional cleaning methods.  By carbonating our solutions, we rely on thousands of bubbles to loosen soils from carpet fibers.  We don't have to flood your carpets or subfloors with water to loosen soils, which may take days to dry, increasing the chance of mold or mildew setting in.  Most carpets are dry within an hour.

Why do my carpets get dirty so quickly?


Areas that get dirty quickly are usually the transition areas from tile to carpet, areas near kitchens or garages, or high-traffic areas.  Some reasons carpets get dirty are due to:

  • Left-behind soapy residues from other cleaning efforts

  • Infrequent vacuuming

  • Sugar-based spills such as milk, sodas, sports, drinks, etc.

  • Favorite places pets like to lie down

  • Play rooms, or family rooms, areas that get lived in 

Do you move furniture?


We don't charge for furniture moving.  However, if you are able to safely move smaller items, such as floor lamps, coffee tables or dining room chairs, then we are able to move larger items around.  Traffic areas are generally where most soils and spill hare located.

Do you use the same cleaning process for upholstery?


We use an upholstery cleaning machine, specifically designed for furniture cleaning, which allows us to control the amount moisture and heat applied during cleaning.  It's not a huge hose from a truck mounted machine.  With our process, most fabrics are dry within an hour.  Dry cleaning is also available for fine fabrics which aren't colorfast.  

Does protector really work?


Protector acts as barrier against dry, wet and oil-based stains.  On carpet that's been treated with protector, most spills may be blotted up quickly without becoming permanent.  Protector also extends the life of your carpets, by providing a barrier against abrasive soils, which wear down carpet fibers.  Please refer to our "SPOTTING TIPS" on how to handle most carpet spills and stains.    

What about pet urine odor?


If left untreated, pet urine may take 4-5 years break down on its own in carpets.  We use an enzyme treatment which breaks down the urine in the carpets and padding.  In extremely rare cases, if urine has penetrated subfloors, we may recommend replacing carpet pad and sealing the subfloor.

My carpets are wrinkled.  What's wrong with them?


Wrinkles are typically caused by poor installation, or extreme heat from other steam cleaning methods.  In all cases, we recommend carpet stretching/repairs be completed prior to cleaning, in order to acheive the best results.   

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